Outdoor Garden Lights, Garden Lights, Lawn Lights, Led Spot Lights


Color:White light2pack

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Product information
Model: Fighter
Specification classification: White light 1 pack, warm light 1 pack, colorful 1 pack, white light 2 packs, warm light 2 packs, colorful 2 packs
Continuous lighting time: 12 hours (inclusive) -16 hours (excluded)
Light source type: LED
Rated power: 10 (W)
Voltage: 1.2 (V)
Dimensions: Other (mm)
Life: 50000 (h)

Weight(g): White light1pack:365; Warm light1pack:365; Colorful1pack:365; White light2pack:730; Warmlight2 packs:730; Colorful2packs:730.

Package Weight(g): White light1pack:385; Warm light1pack:385; Colorful1pack:385; White light2pack:750; Warmlight2 packs:750; Colorful2packs:750.

Package Size(mm): White light1pack: 195*160*82; Warm light1pack: 195*160*82; Colorful1pack: 195*160*82; White light2pack: 255*165*82; Warmlight2 packs: 255*165*82; Colorful2packs: 255*165*82.


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