Givenusmyf Full Size Double Floor Bed Frame Kids Room Bed with Roof and Fence Wooden Room Bed Floor Bed Double Bed for Kids, Teens, Girls and Boys



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1.The shape of the roof, fun and easy
2.double room bed with sturdy pine frame for added stability and durability
3.Designed with a roof and fence, this unique house bed creates a safe and fun space for children, not only as a comfortable sleeping area but also as a double space for children to play and entertain


Product description: Our children’s double bed with roof and fence can be used as a semi-enclosed play place, especially suitable for children to play, study, watch TV or explore their imagination. This unique family bed is designed with a roof and a fence to create a safe and fun space for the kids, not only a comfortable sleeping area but also a double space for kids to play and play.
Also adds charm and character to the bedroom! When you have time, you can cultivate the relationship between you and your child at home. You might as well try decorating this whole house bed together. This will not only cultivate your previous feelings, but also give full play to your child’s imagination, you won’t kill two birds with one stone! Don’t worry, the height of our crib fence is also carefully designed to move around when you wake up. If there is a baby at home, when he wakes up, he can play in it and have his own little world! Hurry up and buy one to go back and transform your kids’ bedroom into a space of fun and creativity.
1. Semi-enclosed space: Let children have their own private space, hide and seek with friends or siblings, and sleep peacefully.
2. Premium double bed with sturdy pine wood frame for enhanced stability and durability
3. Creative Home Bed Design: The shape of the roof, fun and simple look allows your creativity to run free, our beds are perfect for kids to create and imagine their own themes, this simple style is also a beautiful bedroom landscape .
4. Simple assembly: Our wooden house bed is a detachable structure, which is convenient and beautiful. Our packaging is a box with detailed and clear instructions, installation tool hardware, just help you through all the steps.
5. Environmental protection and health: We use environmental protection paint, which adds another safety guarantee for you. The natural aroma of pine wood gives you a different experience and keeps you in a good mood all day long.
Product Type: Home Bed
Overall size: 190*145*200 (cm)
Size: double bed
Color: silver gray, white, wood
Material: Pine
Requires assembly: yes
Country of Origin: China
Decoration: Minimalist style
Packing quantity: 1 piece/carton
Weight: unlimited
PLEASE NOTE: The bed frame and mattress should be purchased separately, we do not include mattresses
***Private small platform: manual measurement has been used, there may be some reasonable errors. All photos are taken in kind, there may be slight color difference due to light or display.

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Weight66.14 lbs
Dimensions76.78 × 20.48 × 4.73 in


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