DIY 9-grid Storage Bookcase Bookshelf


Color:Light Brown

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1.Nine cabinet large capacity storage, convenient classification of the bookcase can be placed horizontally, upright display is appropriate modern paragraph, color, simple.
2.In addition, DIY Furniture is your best partner, let you easily receive, ease of use, highest quality, the most valuable furniture.
3.Assembly part(Truss head phillips screw flat point*16,Screw sticker*4,disc*12,Parts package*12,stationary sheet iron*2,stationary sheet iron screw*4,Gecko*2,Gecko screw*2,dowel*12,White glue*1,Fixed plate*2,Neutral board*6,Side panel*2,Upper panel*1,Bottom plate*1….etc)


Product Dimensions: 35.5(L) x11.4(W) x35.4(H) inch
 Item Weight: 46.2 lb
 Color: White & Light Brown
 MaterialParticle bord
 Bearing weight: Within 22 lb
 One fixed shelf




Package Included:

Installation Manual x 1 PIECE
 Truss head phillips screw flat point x 16 PIECE
 Screw sticker x 4 PIECE
 disc x 12 PIECE
 Parts package x 12 PIECE
 stationary sheet iron x 2 PIECE
 stationary sheet iron screw x 4 PIECE
 Gecko x 2 PIECE
 Gecko screw x 2 PIECE
 dowel x 12 PIECE
 White glue x 1 PIECE
 Fixed plate x 2 PIECE
 Neutral board x 6 PIECE
 Side panel x 2 PIECE
 Upper panel x 1 PIECE
 Bottom plate x 1 PIECE






Additional information

Weight49.16 lbs
Dimensions38.11 × 12.28 × 5.31 in


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