8LED Waterproof Solar Powered Garden Lights


Specification classification:4pcs 16LED white light

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Type solar lawn lamp 

 Protection level IP65 

 Light source type LED 

 Rated power 4 (W) 

 Voltage 1.2 (V) 

 Sunshine time 6-8 (H)

Weight(g): 4pcs 12LED white light:560; 4pcs 16LED white light:560; 4pcs 20LED white light:560; 4pcs 12LED warm light:560; 4pcs 16LED warm light:560; 4pcs 20LED warm light:560; 16LED warm light:140; 16LED white light:140; 4pcs 8LED white light:517; 8LED white light:91; 8LED warm light:150; 4pcs 4LED white light:560; 4pcs 4LED warm light:560; 4LED white light:91; 4LED warm light:91.

Package Weight(g): 4pcs 12LED white light:580; 4pcs 16LED white light:580; 4pcs 20LED white light:580; 4pcs 12LED warm light:580; 4pcs 16LED warm light:580; 4pcs 20LED warm light:580; 16LED warm light:160; 16LED white light:160; 4pcs 8LED white light:537; 8LED white light:141; 8LED warm light:200; 4pcs 4LED white light:580; 4pcs 4LED warm light:580; 4LED white light:141; 4LED warm light:141.

Package Size(mm): 280*370*50.


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